Pre-Amplificador Digital Class "D" Project Pre Box Made in Austria - Project Pre Box

Pre-Amplificador Digital Class "D" Project Pre Box Made in Austria - Project Pre Box
Pre-Amplificador Digital Class "D" Project Pre Box Made in Austria - Project Pre Box Pre-Amplificador Digital Class "D" Project Pre Box Made in Austria - Project Pre Box
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Pro-Ject Audio Systems


Pro-Ject Pre Box  

Preamplifier with remote control

Good sound from sound technology

? Metal case shields the electronics from vibrational and electromagnetic interference  

? Trigger out  

? Gold plated RCA connection sockets  

? Outboard power supply included  

? Available in black and silver 


Technical specifications

Pro-Ject Pre Box

Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz (+ - 0,2 dB)
Noise floor -100dB (A weighted)
THD 0,001%
Gain 8,5dB
Pre out 1 pair RCA/Phono sockets
Output voltage typically 1V at 1kHz
Line-level inputs 2 pairs RCA/Phono sockets
Input impedance 20kohms
Trigger (Trigger Pre) 12V DC switching voltage
Trigger out 2-pole 2,5mm co-axial jack
Outboard power supply 16V/500mA AC, suitable for your country's mains supply
Power consumption 16V/200mA AC
Replacement battery remote control 2 x AAA / 1,5V
Dimensions (W x H x D) 103 x 38 x 141mm
Weight without power supply 630g



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Get control of your system with Pro-Ject's Pre Box!  

Pro-Ject's Pre Box is a high quality remote controlled preamp with surprisingly good sound that just happens to be micro-sized!  A clean and tidy circuit path, with high-grade parts and RCA jacks for inputs and outputs, outboard power supply and a solid metal chassis give the Pre Box excellent sound quality and solidity that is rare anywhere near this meager price.


The Pre Box features two pairs of RCA Inputs and a single pair of RCA Outputs, enough for a very modest system.  More inputs can be added via use of the Pro-Ject Switch Box or Switch Box SE (Coming soon).  A member of the Pro-Ject Box series, the Pre Box shares their warm, dynamic sound with very low distortion and noise for a deep and satisfying musical experience.





Pro-Ject Miniature Amplifiers are here!

It's the holy grail of the stereo world. How do you get a tiny amplifier that sounds good? Pro-Ject has applied their phenomenal engineering knowledge gained from precision turntable design to making the world's smallest audiophile quality amplifier. Built in two separate boxes, each smaller than a CD, the Pre Box and Amp Box will revolutionize the term "mini system."

The Pre Box features 2 inputs and remote control for $299. The Amp Box outputs a true 20 watts per channel which is enough to comfortably drive most speakers. It costs $349. A third version called the Amp Box Mono is a single channel version of the same that makes 28 watts and costs $299. The sound of these units can embarrass many amplifiers up to $3000. When you consider all this quality comes in something the size of a pack of cigarettes, it is remarkable how Pro-Ject is able to do it.


NEWS: Pro-Ject boxes clever and pulls out a Genie

Jun 15, 2007

Pro-Ject, best known for its ever-growing turntable range, is branching out into electronics. Drawing on the success of its diminutive Speed Box turntable power supply and Phono Box phono preamp, it's now launching a whole line-up of tiny audio components, including a truly minute preamp and power amplifier.

Called the Box Design range, the new components are each housed in casework just over 10cm wide and a little under 4cm tall.

And while the Tube Box II valve powered phono stage can be seen as a logical development of existing Pro-ject products, the tiny Pre Box and Amp Box, set to sell for £150 apiece, are truly unique.

With two inputs and a single output, the Pre Box is a minimalist preamplifier, athough it does offer remote control and a 12V trigger connection allowing it to switch power amps on and off. Future plans include an input expander, offering additional line inputs.

The Power Box is a digital power amp, delivering 2x20w into 8ohms, or 2x30w into 4ohms, with amplifier technology sourced

There's also a monobloc power amp in the range. The logically-named Amp Box Mono delivers 28W into 8ohms, or 40w into a 4 ohm load. These will be followed by double-height SE versions, offering more power.

Like the Pre Box, the power amps operate from offboard 12V power supplies, and Pro-Ject is going to launch a Power Box, enabling four of the little units to be powered from a single mains socket.


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